A Message from Art Bennett

Dear Friends in Christ,


Once again, the Diocese of Arlington is conducting a Second Collection to support the vital, life-sustaining services of Catholic Charities – the Christmas Collection.  You may not be aware how much we rely on this collection to help us serve tens of thousands of our neighbors each year through our 17 transformational programs.


While the BLA provides important funding, Catholic Charities needs much more support than the BLA alone can give.  This second collection furnishes nearly 10% of our annual budget.


Your sacrificial gift to the Christmas Collection stays in the diocese serving our brothers and sisters who seek our help 365 days a year.  This Christmas season, please prayerfully consider including Catholic Charities as part of your year-end giving.


Merry Christmas and may God continue to bless your generosity to those in need,

Art Bennett
President & CEO


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